Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding talk!

So I get to have two weddings. A traditional American wedding and a traditional Pakistani wedding.

An American wedding is pretty straight forward. One ceremony and a reception and bam you are husband and wife. Right? Standard.

An Pakistani wedding, whoa. Yeah. I know some about it but there is so MUCH that I don't. So busy, colorful, many ceremonies, traditions, rituals. Eek. I pretty much told M it's all on him to plan with his family, etc. I wouldn't know where to start. Plus it's so ELABORATE. So in your face. I am quite, mute and even possibly dull. I told M things that I liked and "suggested" that maybe we could tone it down, just a little.

Do not get me wrong I am in love with it but it kinda blew my "little, quiet and romantic wedding" idea out the window. I want to do this right not only for us but for his family, religion and his tradition.

But talking with M he feels that it isn't necessary to do all ceremonies because we will already had the American wedding. (I hope. No pray.) But it looks like we will only take part in a few of the major ceremonies. I do look forward to the Mehndi. I think it's so beautiful.

I think M has picked my dress out. I think. I know he has a date planned. I don't think I was suppose to know about this but I did find out. I am still not sure what's going on with that as his visa status and etc is still up in the air. So all I am allowed to do is look. I can't buy. I can't schedule. I can't do any thing but plan. So that is what I am doing for my American wedding.

Our theme for our American wedding is "Romantic Black & White."


Plenty of white candles every where, infusions of black and a lot of sparkly clear glass. White crisp table cloths, black table runners. Romantic but not in your face flowers and candle table center pieces. White covered chairs tied back with black satin.

Strings of little with lights and organza. Hanging lighted paper lanterns.

Can you picture it?

I can and I do every day. Taking our first dance as Man and Wife under all the sparkling lights. I see it. It motivates me.

I can't wait to be his wife.

I will post an album soon with my inspiration pictures. So you can "Ooohhh and Ahhhh" with me too.

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