Thursday, August 25, 2011

An updated "About Me" post.

I have missed you blog world. A place where I could share what I need when I need too. A place where I could share what I do best: cook, eat and raise my children.

Things are changing in my world and I am happy to report for the better. Although people are assuming the wrong things about my judgement, I know in my heart and through out my soul, that I am doing what is correct. Now I just wait for all the good things I am meant to be blessed with.

So I thought I would update for those who may have fell behind on the going ons in my life. Although posting more regularly on my end would be a big help to you wouldn't it? I have committed a blogging sin and I repent for my lazy-ness.

I have added another player to our team. He's a great man and I know he'll make a great husband and father. It's one of those things where it began as friendship, I supported him through his storms and he was there through mine. Somewhere it had morphed into something romantic. It hit me that the man I was looking for was sitting right in front of me.

Only problem: He's nearly 8000 miles away from me.

I shall call him M. He's in his early 20's and he's educated, supportive, smart, talented, a great friend, loving, honest, mature, non-judgmental and very handsome. AND he's coming here for me! Of course to finish his education but he's coming here to MARRY ME! Take that! Ha. I am giddy when we talk about it. Trust me it seems like it's rushing to you but the legal processes to get him here and then hoops we'd have jump through gives us plenty of time. We don't know dates because so many things are up in the air. We'll get this figured out as time goes on.

We pretty much want and need the same things in a relationship. I am more traditional then what it appears. *GASP* I know right? My friend told me that he didn't see me becoming a stay at home mom. Well the only reason I am not is because I am forced too. I still have my dreams and M is very supportive and I love him so much for this. I have a treasure and I refuse to lose it or damage it. I absolutely refuse too.

He's from Pakistan.

This is where you shed your ignorance or get out of my life. Pretty simple eh?

He's not what ignorant mass media portrays. He's a man. He's made out skin, muscle, blood and tissue. He's heart beats and bleeds just like yours. His lunges exhale just like yours dose. He's an equal to any american man I could love. You don't love a human being based on their skin color, their religion or any other thing.

He makes me hold my breath, my soul quakes, my heart skips beats every time he whispers "I love you." I look excitedly to what our future brings us.

With marriage comes pitter patter of little feet. Yes, little feet. Yes, they will be planned. We will be adding to the brood. Not surprised are you? Heh.

There's so much I could post about him and us but I must update on the other girls as well!

A- Is doing well. She keeps bragging to me about how old she will be. As if I had no idea how old she will be turning and when her birthday is. Sorry kid, I must of missed your birth at this rate. She's going to be nine and I am about ready to cry. She's getting so big and so smart. Too smart. She will be taking English horse back ridding lessons and yoga this fall. She's looking forward to this. I can tell it's something she loves and I am going to support her in these quests of hers. She wants to be home schooled because she's been teased so badly lately. She's so shy but very passionate. She isn't old enough to see how this will benefit her.

H- Energetic, little, impish H. She's such a tomboy and so sporty. I am glad she's in love with ballet. She has her rough and tumble side but it's nearly perfectly balanced with her girly side. She loves dirt, yet she loves nail polish. She's ready for school. She love the kids and I think she may end up being popular at this rate. I am fine with this as long as she maintains the things I think are important with it comes to treating others. This fall she starts ballet full time and already is talking about her first performance and it hasn't even started yet!

L- She's her own being. Stubborn but loving. She'll put up a good fight when life gets rough for her. This I am thankful for because she gets this from momma. She starts school for the first time in a little over a week. She is over the moon with this idea. I just hope she can cope with this, we still are waiting from the IEP team to contact us but I am sure with a little tough love and new coping skills she should do ok. I hope. She also starts soccer this fall. A good way to get her active and interacting with other kids, something she so desperately needs.

Little L- She is making my ovaries ache. She's growing up so soon! She's still not potty trained yet. We are working on it but it's seems she's opting for the easy way out. Luckily, I've been through this a few times. She is starting to talk more. Oddly when we got the TV she started stringing words together and using more words then before. Who said TV was a bad thing? I was thinking about putting her into a private preschool but the idea of germs is starting to sway my opinion. This last winter was a good one. She only had one bout of penuomia and bronchitis. I'd kinda like to keep it this way. No matter how many times you've been in the PICU, you never like being there. I am enjoying all the extra time with her and looking forward to only having her this school year at home. Although I am sure it will drive me crazy not having a full house but at the same time, I am going to enjoy it!

Me- I am doing good. My graduation date has been pushed back another year and a semester. I plan on graduating there with my AS in science and then working part time while going to a four year college. Although this may be up in the air as it depends on my plans with M. I'd be happy not going back to school and I'd be happy staying in school. I started working out and dieting again, well, ok somewhat. I am trying. It's just so odd for me to eat more then one meal a day! It's a mind over matter issue. But I am super happy thanks to M. I really am. I hope people see this and support me because of it!

I will update as things progress and I will be posting wedding things etc. I already have a few ideas. I am happy. So very much happy and I only want to share this pureness with those around me.


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