Tuesday, March 15, 2011

King's Royal Icing.

It was national "Pi" day and what better way to celebrate it then with royal frosting? In reality, I am part dork and Pi has always mystified me. What can I say? Ironically, I am horrible at math. I am not at all joking.

I really needed to test frostings for Hannah's upcoming birthday and I am making a flower cake for her and I need to do a dry run with this recipe because I didn't want to wait til the night before and get a dud. I wouldn't of had to do this if I had the ability to hold onto recipes. I really need to keep track of them. And after much googling and reading through the various versions of royal frosting. I found the most basic stripped down version and tweaked and low and behold it worked out great!


3 cups of powdered sugar
7 teaspoons of corn syrup
7 teaspoons of milk
4 teaspoons of Almond extract
Food coloring


1- Simple blend all ingredients until smooth and dip base color if you want and allow to dry and pipe decorations if wanted. Just make sure you set aside un-colored frosting for this prior adding the base color.


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