Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's vent day.

Oh boy, I can tell it's middle of the week. I am kapoot on the energy level. Drained. Not to mention a little irritated. Would it be wrong of me to keep my ear bud in and pretend that my four and two year olds aren't running around like crazed little minions?

Tomorrow can not get here quick enough.

Today's top five vents are:

5) Dear clothing manufacturers: I work out and thusly in the midst of my weight lost endeavors, I am in between clothing sizes. I am sure my peers in the gym would appreciate it if you made half sizes. Considering the full moon was last week, I am sure they don't want a daily reminder.

4) Dear lady in the over sized SUV, what are you over compensating for? I just wanted a root beer from Mc Dondals, not a five minute wait and a neck cramp to make a right turn. Just because you had to make a left turn and make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to see oncoming traffic.

3) Dear Michiganders, quit complaining about the rain! It's RAIN! Not SNOW!

2) Dear Body, what part of FIVE day period do you not understand?!

1) Dear Max, you have become our new pet. You sure know how to win over your new owners affection by eating the last ten dollars I had to my name. Guess I will get it back in a day or so? Does money digest? Crap...

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