Monday, February 21, 2011

The weekend in pictures.

As much as it was a lazy weekend, it was chaotic. I do not think I have ever vacuumed so much in one weekend before! I figured that I would leave the baking and cooking until today, I needed to unwind today after a very long four day weekend with all the girls. And I am doing that with baking today. I have some very yummy cookies to make!

But to catch up this is our weekend in pictures:

We bonded.

We Loved.

We made silly faces.

We danced. A lot.

We made others jealous with the ability to pass out where ever our little hearts wanted.

We ate. (Italian Stoup.)

We lived through an ice storm.

Our weekend has been long and some times challenging when it comes to my sanity but I've made it out alive and I have some cookies to bake and some dishes to wash. I need to hole myself up in my kitchen and call it good.

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