Sunday, October 9, 2011

Closing the distance update. 10/9/11

This is a good news, bad news update. I was hoping for good news all around but it is what it is. So like having a splinter, it's best to pull it out before it festers and get infected.

As of yesterday M can't not get a visit visa due to the circumstances between Pakistan and the US. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

This is where I would of shed tears because I had hoped that he'd be here for my birthday and while I was on break. I had almost a whole month off in December and I wanted so desperately to spend most of that with him. Now we have to wait until the end of October to see what will happen then. Because the only visit visas they are allowing are for "official business." Ha. Someone better tell the government that I AM "official business!"

When he reapplies for his visit visa he will then have up to 15 days to have his interview. Then after that it could take two to two and half months for him to be able to fly to the States. So he could be here at the end of Dec or towards the end of Jan.

It's not M's fault, this I know. But I am kind of sad because I had gotten my hopes up to see him sooner. I know nothing will keep us apart. I had just wished it was sooner because I know what awaits us when we are together. I can't wait and having to wait another month is some what testing my patience. Ok, it's not some what, it is testing my patience. I am not very patient and the saying "Good things come to those who wait." dose not apply to me. It's a flaw of mine and I've come to embrace it and work with it. Others learn quickly to embrace it too or I would to think that.

The good news, well I am not allowed to say anything about that just yet.

Hey don't get mad at me. It's M's fault. ;]

But I am looking forward to it. Because at this point, I am not going to let go or give up. I love M so much that I wont give up on him. I can't picture my life without him and if that means I have to go to Pakistan to marry him, then I will. Then I can bring him back as my husband and we can start our new life in the States. That's last resort and we both pray that it wont come down to that but I am not afraid to do that. As much as he will fight for me, I will fight for him. This love is real and if you could see and listen to us when we talk at night, it would be apparent to you. There is no doubt in our love. Our love is so strong that we wont allow 8k miles to keep us apart.

In the mean time I will try to keep busy by learning how to cook more South Asian food and learning more about Pakistani culture. It's hard when it's just you and you have no one to ask for advice. I have no one to taste my food, poor M. He's going to be a guinea pig when he gets here. I want to make him breakfast, lunch and dinner one of the days he is here. I want to blow him away with my cooking. I can't wait just to be able to look into his eyes and only have him a foot away from me. I cant wait to hear his heartbeat, to feel his breathing, to feel his touch and to feel his love.

If you know how to speed up time, please let me know because this going to kill me!

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