Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where have I been?

I would like to first say sorry.


I started classes this fall and moved at the same time. Little did I know how much of an undertaking that was! I was so under-prepared for the amount of stress it brought me. But now that I can handle it, next semester should be a breeze!

My new kitchen has seen little action these days but that shall change here soon! It's Christmas here in our house! It has even trickled a little bit into the kitchen. It's rather simple this year. We just moved and money is tight. Simple is fine for now, my kitchen will become a war zone as soon as Christmas gets nearer.

I have decided to organize my blog. Not for only your sake but mine. It will make things easier, I hope.

I also plan on posting new stuff every three to four days, that way it keeps me busy doing what I love to do. Cook and eat. Especially the eating part.

I had plan on posting an recipe tonight but my pain meds are making it nearly impossible to stay awake. I am sorry, tomorrow mates.


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