Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye sugar, caffeine and white flour. Hello tears.

No more white sugar.
No more brown sugar.
No more simple carbs.
No more white flour.
No more caffeine.
No more bad fats.
No more honey.
No more maple syrup.
No more fruit.
No more juice.
No more sugar substitutes.
No more wine.

Preparing to say hello to the worst 28 days of my life:


Did you know you can actually have withdrawal symptoms from above said items? I am so looking forward to this. Not.

If you haven't been able to tell from my blog, I practically live off of this stuff... No, I take that back I need this stuff to breathe, let alone function. I am going to die. I am going to cry for my momma, like I never did before. I am going to rip peoples heads clean off. I am going... I am going to cry.

I am addicted to this eating lifestyle.

I am.

There I said it.

I am an addict. And it's slowly killing me.

I am 27 and I have a high end bmi, I have high blood pressure, I have high cholesterol and I am in the early stages of becoming a type two diabetic. I already had a heart attack when I was twenty one. Yes, you have read that correctly. Although it wasn't eating related, it now puts me at a higher risk for dying younger.

I was told, I would be lucky to reach sixty if I keep it up like this. Lucky.

This is scared me, I thought I was being relativity healthy. It made me think that I wouldn't see my youngest graduate from college, I wouldn't be able to chase my grand kids and these are all things I very much look forward too. In my family you either die old or you die young. I want to die old. I want to die after my 100th birthday. I want to be that damn old. I am stubborn and hopefully I get to prove that.

I want to be that role model for my girls. I want... no, I need to show them how to be healthy. How to eat right, how to properly take care of their bodies and that way when they become adults, they do not become like me. I do no want them to be 20 pounds over their ideal healthy weight, with high blood pressure and cholesterol. I do not want them to feel sluggish, to have sleep problems, to be moody, to be sick all the time and to feel like they need to depend on junk to live. To feel like they need to eat their problems away, to dull their stresses. I do not want them to eat like me.

I need more mental clarity, I need more energy, I need more zest. I want a better immune system, a healthier weight, better skin and a better digestive track. I need the depression gone, the mood swings gone. I want a better period. I want to be healthier.

So in one week and one day, I am detoxing. This isn't a New Year's resolution, this is a must do. Do or die slowly. The idea of not having one of my fail safes, scares the hell out of me. That alone is scary.

I will not become a stat.

I will no longer be addicted.

For all my food lovers, trust me. I am not abandoning ship, I just will update with older recipes and post new, healthier recipes until the 28 days are over. I LOVE food way too much. I just have to re-adjust and enjoy food in a different way.

<3 Stay with me, I will need you!

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